Thought of the Day

My thought of the day: “The most interesting type of people are weird, If we were all the same, who would be unique?”

The idea of cementing my face into a permanent, downwards “succumbing to gravity” style frown like the generic girls in Made in Chelsea makes me feel nauseous. My philosophy is to make the most of life, not to be reserved and to enjoy ourselves while we can. I don’t feel restricted to my generic “girly” activities, sure I enjoy the occasional shopping trips and plastering make up on my face the thickness of wall paint, but I also enjoy gaming on my Xbox, no… not on Hello Kitty Island Adventure, but GTA and Skyrim. I also enjoy male dominated audience programmes such as Family Guy, and films which DON’T revolve around the concept of corny love. Its my variety of interest which makes me unique and defines who I am, it would be illogical to defy who I am in order to fit in
a generic gender.



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